Handmade customised invitations, envelopes, place cards and more can all be designed with your colour or theme choices. It’s a case of getting in touch with me to discuss the options. I will work with your budget and together create something unique for you.

Themed Suites

Metallic lettering on dark background

Silver writing on black, gold on red or navy, the combinations are endless. Send distinctive invitations in a handwritten envelope to set the theme for your special day. The envelopes can be lined in silver, gold, floral or not al all. Follow up with stationery to match, place cards, table numbers and a seating plan.

Example prices:

Envelope addressing from £1.50
Place cards from £1
Black and silver themed stationery suite
Red and black themed stationery suite
Pink and navy themed stationery suite
Blush pink themed stationery suite

Working with your colours

If you have chosen the colours for flowers and dresses, ties and table dressing then I can work with those to create matching stationery that is unique to you.

Example prices:

Lined envelope with address from £2
Place cards mounted with the lining paper from £1.50

Textures and other elements of the occasion

Hessian, lace and kraft colours are currently very popular. Using these for inspiration, stationery can be personalised by combining my unique writing style on ‘Save the Date’ place cards, invitations and seating plans

Blush and hessian themed suite
Blush and hessian themed suite


Written and stamped envelopes
Stamped envelopes

Envelopes are handwritten, with black ink on a light coloured background and metallic inks on a darker one.

I can use your stationery or supply it.

Prices: £1 – £1.50 per envelope


I can source distinctive picture stamps, which on a coloured envelope, handwritten by me, adds another touch of distinction.

Wax seals can even be added on the back.


Working with you I can design a bespoke invite using the colours of your choice as well as any image, icon, or embellishment (i.e. pearls, wax seal) to make it unique to your day.

Prices: from £2.50 per invitation

Ruby themed invitations
Gold wax seals

Place Cards

Mix of different flat place cards with emblems

These can be flat, or folded (tent style). They can be linked to your theme, or made as standalones for any party or celebration.

Prices: £0.90 – £1.50 per place card

Table Names and Numbers

Handwritten to match the place cards these can be used for both the table and collectively on a seating plan.

Prices: from £1.50 each

Seating plans, Save the Date, Menus and Order of Service

These can all be linked to your theme, or made standalone. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Table number

Working With Your Wedding Venue

Commissioning a line drawing of:

  • your venue
  • a hobby or interest
  • something that is special to you

The drawing can then be used on invitations, place cards, the header for the Menu or Order of Service and personalises your celebration making it unique to you.

Prices: from £50

photograph of Lord Leycester Hospital Warwick
original line drawing Lord Leycester Hospital Lauren Sime
Themed place cards

…in this case The Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick. A drawing is then made, to be used for stationery: invitations, place cards, Order of Service, even the seating plan and table numbers. 

Place cards

This time the wedding venue was Market House, Ledbury.

Working With Your Theme

Jane and Steve met through a love of biking. A group of friends were going to line their route with their bikes, and Steve was even considering wearing his ‘leathers’ as his wedding suit!

A love of Harry Potter and theming a wedding with such things as tables being named after JK Rowling’s characters, allows one’s imagination to run wild with other possibilities.

The beautiful orchids in the third example were painted by my sister and used on invites and place cards for her Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

Prices: from £50

Ruby stationery motif

How to Order Stationery

Please use the contact form below to send me your enquiry. Alternatively you can email me directly at

I will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.