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Unique wedding stationery that doesn’t cost the earth.

Personalised stationery

You could be forgiven for thinking, that anything made specially for you, something unique, something that no-one else has exactly the same would cost the earth, right? Think again!

Other artists

Some artist/designers that you can commission to produce unique wedding stationery, especially some who work in America can charge upwards of £500 for an initial design fee. They are often very skilled, and much sought after, so that when you buy from them it’s like having an original work of art, and of course the price reflects that.

Using me

Asking me to make stationery for your wedding is a different proposition. I concentrate on the calligraphy that will enhance the items, and use your preferences in the colour choice, theme and style. I like to work with people who are local, so that we can meet to chat through our thoughts. I bring a drawing pad and play around with design ideas whilst listening to your input.

Your ideas

The artwork, as seen here in this stationery for a Ruby Wedding, was actually the work of the client…..  (she is quite an accomplished watercolour artist and loves painting flowers). I simply incorporated her work into the invites, used it for the place cards and enlarged it to line envelopes. For fun ideas like green wellington boots, motorbikes, Harry Potter themes, I use stock photos from the internet, all of which costs nothing, yet used cleverly can create something really different for your special occasion.

Unique stationery using the clients artwork
reduced flower icon for themed invitations

About me

Just a note as to why this is a useful device in the creation of something unique. I was an art teacher for over 20 years. Pupils taking GCSEs would choose a question for their final piece and need help with gathering their thoughts and ideas to ‘realise’ their final outcome. When the seed of an idea has been provided by someone else I find my creativity flows. The end result is then yours, I have just helped it along.

What I can provide

  • envelopes, card and paper in a whole range of colours
  • embellishments like lace, hessian, crystals, pearls and flowers
  • wax seals
  • coloured inks
  • metallic inks

Existing stationery

Another service I am happy to provide, is to add the names to invites and place cards, and names and addresses to envelopes on stationery that you have bought blank from either a designer, or a craft shop.

Quite often as a way of cutting costs, couples will want to make and send their own invitations.  This is great, and I would encourage it, but if you’d like beautiful handwriting to finish it off, that’s where I come in


The addition of other elements like lace, wax seals, flowers, crystals and so on, can help to keep your stationery linked to your wedding theme. It could be a small icon of your wedding venue, or a wax seal with your intitials. A special crest, or coat of arms, a tartan or a special colour to recall a loved one who cant’ attend. All these ideas can be teased out by chatting about your wishes, and inventing a clever way to introduce them.

But remember, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. I will work to a budget and keep you informed all the way through the process.


Red wax seals
Red wax seals

Wax seals can be obtained in various colours, gold and red are traditional, but silver and frosted metallics are also vailable as well as plain colours.

Gold wax seals
Gold wax seals
Mix of different flat place cards with emblems
Flat place cards with various additions
Tent place cards
Tent place cards can be made simply like these with just a name or with additions
Flat handwritten place cards with more contemporary calligraphy
A more contemporary writing style

How to get started…… what to do now.

Ring me on 07434 626001, or send me an email to: ruthsturgesoriginals@outlook.com

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